Here are a few testimonials we received from some of our happy customers:

Steve Miller

I am a tech guy with zero knowledge about molds. So when my wife alerted me that we needed to contact someone for mold removal, I quickly looked up on the internet and decided to call San Diego Water and Mold. Though it was a Sunday, they reached us within half an hour of my call, which made me feel they were not the best that I could have gotten for my money. But in the end, I realized how wrong I was! They did an amazing job. I am glad that I called them. You can count on this company. They know their stuff darn well.


Samantha Woods

I called on San Diego Water and Mold for mold removal in my attic where I spotted the mold. The response was fast! A guy came in to knock on my door, within 20 minutes of my call. He first went on to inspect the area, following which he advised me to contact my roofer to have the venting corrected.  He also shared with me on why I needed to change the venting.

Following his advice, I contacted my roofer and had the venting changed. Then I called John, the guy that came in to inspect my attic on the first day. He arrived fast as usual. But only this time with his entire crew. I thought dark mold staining would be impossible to remove, so I watched them work– from start to finish. As soon as they were done, I went up to check the attic and boy, I was pleasantly surprised. My rear attic ceiling wood looked as clean as the front attic that was never affected by mold. I’ll recommend San Diego Water and Mold to anyone that requires help with mold clean up.