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water-dam-02Here in San Diego we enjoy a warm, dry desert climate  If you have flooding in your house, though, it isn’t going to feel that way.  Even here in beautiful sunny SoCal, you can find yourself dealing with unwanted water, and lots of it.  A simple leak in your roof during a rain storm can lead to water penetrating to the interior of your home.  Floods do happen, and our dry, sandy soil doesn’t do much to soak up water.  Even several days of downpour can lead to flooding for this reason.  Burst pipes can also draw water into your basement or other rooms in your house.  This means that water damage can affect you even during the driest times of the year.

When you need San Diego water damage repair, we are the people to call.  You can reach us any time at 619-618-0199, and you will find our office at 4025 Camino del Rio South, #300, San Diego, Ca 92108 in Mission Valley.

With such a central location, we strive to keep our services accessible to customers who need San Diego water damage repair and flood control in any part of town.  We have a wide service area, and can come to your home to help you with San Diego water damage restoration whether you are in IB, OB, La Mesa, Kearney Mesa, La Jolla, or any other neighborhood we service.  Give us a call to come in to visit us to see if we serve your area.

Causes of Water Damage San Diego, CA

We can help you with your flood problem regardless of its source.  Here are just a few common causes of water damage:
water damage restoration san diego

  • Leaking roof.  If your roofing is compromised, precipitation can make its way into your home.
  • Plumbing problems.  There are a whole range of plumbing issues that can cause water to get into your house.  These include overflow from your washing machine, a broken hose leading to your washing machine or dishwasher, leakage from either type of machine, or burst pipes inside your walls.  Clogged toilets may also lead to floods in your bathroom.  These types of floods are particularly unsanitary.
  • Weather damage.  We may not see rain often in San Diego, but when we do, we can get quite a downpour.  Weather damage does happen, even here.  Water damage restoration San Diego is sometimes needed in situations like these.

Categories of San Diego Water Damage

Water damage is usually divided into one of three different categories.  These categories refer to the sanitation and health concerns caused by water damage.

  • Category 1 Water.  This type of water damage involves a source which does not pose health hazards.  For example, if you have an overflow from your sink, you are dealing with category 1 water.  Water lines leading into devices is classified as category 1.  This type of water damage is the easiest to deal with.  While it is less hazardous than category 2 or 3 water, you should not put it off.  Category 1 water can still lead to mold, which does pose a significant health hazard.
  • Category 2 Water.  This is water which does pose a health hazard.  Usually it contains some kind of contaminant, which could be chemical or biological.  Sometimes this type of water is called “grey water.”  If your flood is from a clogged toilet bowl without solid waste, you have a category 2 situation.  Water from washing machines or dishwashers also qualifies as category 2.  This type of water can turn into category 3 water if it stagnates.
  • Category 3 Water.  Category 3 floods cause the most health problems, and are the most critical to get fixed as soon as possible.  Category 3 water is called “black water.”  If you have a flood from a backed up toilet with fecal matter, you have a black-water flood.  Black water may also come into your home if sewage manages to make its way into your house.  Sometimes floodwater from actual floods is classified as category 3 for this reason.  It is urgent to get black water out of your home so that nobody gets sick.

water damage san diego

Classes of Water Damage

Water damage is also classified according to extent and evaporation rate.  Class 1 affects only part of one room, whereas Class 2 may affect a whole room.  Class 3 may affect the entirety of a room or even an entire building, and may also be on the walls and ceiling.  Class 4 refers to situations where drying is a challenge because of certain materials.  Hardwood floors for example require special conditions to dry properly.

What are the common concerns associated with water damage in the home?

Structural Weakening

The structural integrity of your home can be compromised by floodwater.  If you have a flood in your basement, for example, the water can compromise the structural foundations of your house.  The longer you allow a standing flood to remain, the weaker your house will become.  This can reduce the value of your home, and can also cause it to be more susceptible to other forms of weather related damage in the future.

Furniture Damage

Do you have wood furniture?  If so, you don’t want it to be exposed to water.  Water weakens wood and can cause it to rot.  If you take care of your flooding quickly, you are less likely to lose your furniture.  If you let it remain, however, your wood furniture may start to rot.  It is particularly difficult to deal with this problem with chests of drawers and other types of furniture that have deep interior parts.  It is tough to get these items dry.

Contamination and Health Problems

While a category 1 flood is unlikely to pose immediate health concerns, category 2 and 3 floodwater can.  Contaminated water may carry dangerous microorganisms which can infect household members.  Sometimes this may lead to malaise and general minor discomfort.  Other times it may lead to severe or life-threatening sickness.


Water damage restoration in San Diego is critical particularly because of mold.  Even before you ever had water in your house, you probably struggled with mold.  In such a dry climate, you wouldn’t expect to encounter all kinds of mold, but most people in San Diego struggle with black mold in their bathrooms as well as on their windows and windowsills.  Mold even congregates on ceilings and bedroom and living room walls.

Toxic black mold may range from a minor annoyance to a severe health threat, depending on the length of exposure and how many spores are inhaled.  Some people are more susceptible than others.  Black mold can cause fatigue and headache, fever, coughing, and sneezing.  If you are allergic, vomiting, nausea, and internal bleeding can result.

Taking Action for Water Damage, San Diego, CA

You can try to avoid water damage, but it is impossible to control everything.  You do not always know when a pipe is going to burst or a line is going to rupture.  You cannot predict flash floods.  You do not always know when your roof has a leak.

What you can do about water damage?  It is important to take action right away.  When you notice water damage, it is time to call in a water damage restoration service.  A water damage restoration company can take restoration steps to clear up the remaining water.  Depending on the amount of water and how long it has been stagnant, we may be able to save your carpet and furniture.

Our Quality Guarantee

What can San Diego Water & Mold do for you?  We can help you out with the following:

  • Water extraction
  • Damage repair
  • Restoration services

Our water clean up service is the first step in our process.  We are equipped with the best in water clean-up technology, which allows us to extract water from your home.  We can even tackle materials like hardwood floors which require special treatment.  Getting the water out of your home prevents your carpets from becoming ruined.  It also prevents further damage to your furniture.  We are willing to work day and night if necessary to salvage your home from water damage.  We work simultaneously to repair leaks which may be contributing to the dripping or flooding.

Once we have the situation under control, we can work on damage restoration.  We work on drying and cleaning carpets, clothing, artwork, furniture, and other hard and soft contents of your home.  If necessary, we decontaminate your possessions so that they will be safe and free of health hazards.  By drying them thoroughly, we ensure that rot and mold do not take hold.

We also tackle the mold that comes with any water leak in San Diego.  Once mold manages to take hold in your house, it can be very stubborn.  Mold remediation is one of our most important services.  We make sure that we check every inch of every surface where mold might possibly have made a home.  Your house should be a home to your family, and not to unwanted spores.  With our cleaning techniques, we can kill even the most stubborn mold and mildew.  Removing mold ensures not only that your family will stay healthy, but also that your furniture and walls will not be damaged over the long term.

Why Choose Us for your Water Damage Restoration San Diego Company?

Why go with us and not a competitor?  Here are just a few great reasons!

  • Years of experience.  We have been in the business for a long time, and we have taken on water restoration work throughout the San Diego metro area.  That means we are deeply familiar with the climate here and how it can impact mold growth and moisture issues throughout your home.  We are familiar with the subtle nuances in the climate throughout the area.  Water restoration in Ocean Beach is a different matter than water damage repair in El Cajon.  No matter where you live, we can ensure your house is in the clean and clear.
  • Thoroughness.  A lot of companies that specialize in mold and water removal cut corners.  They may get rid of the obvious mold, but leave behind contamination elsewhere in the home.  This contamination may seem minor at first, but it can lead to bigger problems later down the line.  We inspect your home thoroughly, and we let no damage go unchecked.  This saves you money and hassles, and can also save your treasured possessions.
  • Fast and reliable.  When you have water damage in your house, the clock is ticking.  The longer your home is exposed to standing water and moisture, the more critical the damage.  We will rush out to see you, even on short notice, and fit in your appointment as best we can in our busy schedule.  We know that every day and every hour counts.  We will restore your home as fast as possible, even if it means working around the clock, day and night.  That’s how committed we are.
  • Top-notch customer service.  When we come out to see you, you are inviting us to step into your home.  We appreciate your trust, and will treat your possessions with the utmost respect.  Our water damage restoration experts are skilled professionals who excel not only at water damage control, but also at customer service.  You will find our teams friendly, communicative, and dedicated.

Don’t let water and mold linger in your home.  We are standing by and waiting for your call, 24/7.  Even if it’s the middle of the night, we are ready to rush out and help you in an emergency.  The faster you get a hold of us, the faster we can come out to your house and help you.

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